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Reiki Fam Rei I


The small things in life comprise our grand existence on Earth. Even though we don't always give them much thought, we often become irritated or even disappointed when we don't immediately see results. Whether it is a small headache, stomach pain, or a different type of discomfort, pain or disease, instead of celebrating our accomplishments and enjoying life, we take pills and hope to stop the agony. Unfortunately, this doesn't work all the time. As we know, our health is the most important resource that we have, and it is our responsibility to make the most of it. Nowadays, the Earth has just been "shot" by new viruses that penetrate the body and reveal its vulnerabilities. Unexpectedly, illnesses are found for which there don't seem to be any prerequisites. Often, we hear that nothing can be done for genetics, but the truth is that there is a lot we can do not only to prevent illness but also to stop the process. With our learning sessions, you will successfully adopt techniques to overcome genetic imperfection! Fam Rei allows us to block self-destruction programs and find balance in our lives. Remember! Our thoughts have a direct impact on our well-being; there is no doubt about this. Fam Rei Reiki is a healing method using Universal Cosmic Energy, which the Master transmits to the client by laying on of hands or via a distant session. You can learn it, too! Dip inside the highest Tibetan Art, revealing the power of our chakral energy. You can learn FAM REI I and enjoy a healthier and happier life. Throughout the course, you will learn the following: - The Energy Stream Fam Rei - Breathing technique developing your Chakras - Connecting to the Genealogical Circle - Achieve Harmony with Fam Rei - Learn the Self-healing power with Fam Rei - Harmonize your chakras - Prana Breathing - Symbol EO'LA - Group Healing with Fam Rei - Initiation The learning process is 1-0-1 based. The students will have a chance to practice and go through a Q&A with the teacher.

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Learning Session

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