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At Healthy Lifestyle Bright Mind, I believe in a holistic approach to healing that focuses on the overall well-being of my clients. Along with reiki, I also offer a range of learning guidance through methodical meditation practices and Tiben techniques, including Ken Ko Baal and Tibetan Healing Practices, each designed to help individuals find a way to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual balance to their lives. Learn more about the Non-hypnotic Regression method, which is ideal for those looking to explore past experiences and recover from any events that may be weighing them down. 

To book  your learning session and initiation, contact us at E: or M: +359 899 303 480

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Through the Platform, no medical services are provided, and no medical activities are carried out within the meaning of the Law on Health, the Law on Medical Institutions and other normative acts in the field of health care, as well as no actions are taken to provide emergency medical assistance within the meaning of Ordinance no. 25 of 4.11.1999 for providing emergency medical assistance.

Consultations with a doctor or psychiatrist are not offered through the Platform.

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