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How was Mikao Usui teaching reiki?

By Sathya Eo' Than:

"Quite often I get a question, How did Mikao Usui teach Reiki? To answer this question, we should go back to historical facts we can trust. I know that the most important thing is, how long has the line of the story been passed on. Maybe you remember the game from childhood, which is called differently in different countries, but the rules are like that. One person whispers some information into another person’s ear, the person passes to the next one, then to the next. And if there are 10 or 12 kids in that circle, the last one would usually get a word, that has no relation to the original one, passed by the first kid.

Maybe this comparison is too rough, but from observing the ways, of how the information is being passed on, I noticed, that very often the main idea gets lost. This does not depend on the teacher and his power. With some exceptions, as a rule, most people, while passing some information, add something from themselves. For example, if a student did not fully understand something, he is passing that differently. The student, who had no chance to get authentic knowledge, takes it on faith and says something like: This is what Mikao Usui said, This is what he says in his diary, et cetera. And then, at some stage, the person is passing the information, which is further and further from the truth, though there may be none of his faults in that, as the information he got, was not fully correct.

If you will look at the main current lines of Reiki masters, you will notice about ten names in each line. And as I said above, 10 or 12 kids in a circle makes the story completely different. I could say the same about classical algorithms and concepts, philosophical and moral aspects, mentioned in previous videos. With those, the information is severely mangled, as the person in his system of values cannot fully understand the depth of the Divine aspect in the Reiki system.

From all the living Reiki masters, I was lucky to be the second generation after Mikao Usui. Between myself and him, is only my Teacher Sathya Nanyokari. Provided that Sathya Nanyokari was a successor and the best student of Mikao Usui, to whom Mikao Usui passes the mission of a Tradition Keeper. My Teacher performed his mission and passed it on to me. It is now my responsibility to tell you, how Mikao Usui was teaching, and this mission can be now performed by videos and articles on social media. This will stop further misinterpretation and corruption of knowledge by my students. If my Teacher Sathya Nanyokari did not fully understand his Teacher, even if I added something from myself, this is only the second level in chain, and the corruption is minimal. Though, I believe that deviation is very minor if any, as my teacher saw firsthand Mikao Usui teaching process, and they worked together on numerous projects, and created the system. I will tell you how Mikao Usui was teaching, and what he was emphasizing. All of that was noted by my teacher, he did put a lot of emphasis on passing the authentical knowledge. This is the exact mission of a Tradition Keeper.

What I will tell you now, will be hard to find in any Reiki instructions published by American teachers. The reason is, that most of the American Reiki instructions and books are based on the Shiki Ryoho System, the modified school created only in Japan in 1922. You already know a bit about that. Now I will tell you, how Mikao Usui was teaching his students (including Japanese ones, whom he could pass a reduced version only).

First of all, Mikao Usui always stressed out, that his main mission in life, is to adjust Fam Rei system, taught in the monasteries for decades, into a clear and structured system of seminars. So that any person from the western culture, could study and learn Reiki in a short period of time, without changing his usual way of life. When Mikao Usui got his knowledge from his Teacher Sathya Tanawi, he had to find the way, how to pack all that knowledge without losing any part of it, into a short but intense seminar program. This was a very tough moment, as the understanding of life and relationship with the Universe of a person living in the monastery, and of any of you, is very different. And he had to adjust his program for a very different mentality.

What Mikao Usui did was brilliant. That is what makes him teacher number one in the history of Reiki.

Mikao Usui created a system based on the Primary Principles. Some of those principles were already mentioned in our extended course of master training.

Mikao Usui said, that the most ancient knowledge of working with a chakra system, was passed to modern humans from previous Laen civilization 16 thousand years ago. I can imagine that sounds unbelievable, I am quite skeptical in my nature myself, thus I suggest that we shall be diplomatic about that part of knowledge. Regardless of which part of the story you will accept, the quality of your Reiki education will not decrease just because of that. The existence of Laen civilization is just a theory. It has some evidence, like stone plates, which were found around the world, from Shambhala caves to Europe. There are humanoid skeletons and other evidence. But I do not aim to prove or contest the fact of Laen civilization existence. For me as a Tradition Keeper, it is not very important, as it is not directly connected with Reiki tradition. But I will tell you the story, exactly the way Mikao Usui was teaching.

Thus I will continue. The ancient Laen tradition had 12 levels of Reiki. They were placed in the shape of a cross. The first, second, and third levels, led to the middle of the cross. That is why in all the existing Reiki schools, Reiki 3 is the Master’s level. The further path was horizontal. Mikao Usui called the Path of a Master. On the Master’s Path, one studied very deep master techniques, they correlated with levels 4, 5, 6 and 7. After that, if one wanted to progress further, after mastering everything on the horizontal part of the cross, he could go on following the vertical part of the cross from levels 8 till 12. In the current system of Reiki, there are only 9 levels. According to Mikao Usui, levels 10, 11 and 12, could not be studied by humans due to peculiarities of a human nervous system, which is different from the previous civilization’s one. That is why it is not possible for us to study the upper levels of Reiki. To the top-level one gets through the Path of a Student (levels 1 to 3), Path of a Master (levels 4 to 7) and Path of a Grandmaster (levels 8 and 9).

Let us talk about the importance of each level, according to Mikao Usui. He said the following: when the energy flows as the flow of water, it is not that important, if one is initiated or not, he can still use chakra Energy. Truly, if someone has pain in the heart area, he will automatically put his hand or two hands over his heart. And what happens? He gets a bit better. Not because he pressed the area by his hand, but due to the fact he did pass some energy to his heart with the intention to feel better and to make the pain go away. In most of the cases, the pain does go away. Another example. When a child falls down and hurts his knee. He races to his mom to comfort him as he is in pain and distress. What does his mom do? She says that she will heal him. It may look like that mom is tricking the kid, but the truth is that she is healing him. Mom wants to release the pain and she creates the intention. She puts her hands over the knee and the pain does go away. The kid calms down and forgets about being hurt. Mom just wanted to comfort her child by saying she would do the healing, but the result is there, she did heal him.

What happens next? After one gets his first initiation, he gets an ability to pass more energy in one moment of time. This is very important. That is the thing Mikao Usui always tried to pass on to his students. This is what initiation is for. Imagine the flow of water, and you don’t even have a cup to scoop that water. You drink from your palms, part of it spills. After the initiation this flow of water turns into a huge stream, you can not just drink from it, but put your feet into it, feel all of its power, wash your face in it. There is plenty of water! But the quality of water does not change while you increase your level of Reiki. What is changing, is your ability to use that water, to get huge amounts of it in a short period of time, and to pass it on further in the huge volumes. This is very important to understand. We are not changing Reiki energy, we are only learning, how to work with this energy more efficiently.

On the first level, one gets the ability to connect to a big family, to Egregore. What is important to understand now, is that we become a part of a big spiritual family of Reiki practitioners. When we become a part of that family, we can get help from all its members. On the first level, a Reiki practitioner is still quite a passive member of that family, as he cannot manage the energy, connect with Egregore efficiently. Nevertheless, he can still get help. While getting this help, his energy flow gets more powerful, and the healing effect is much stronger than that, of any other person without initiation, regardless of how talented he is. With every further initiation, our abilities grow. On the second level, we get a set of additional intentions, which are backed up with certain symbols, including the ability to do distance healing and work with situations. This is a very important skill. On the third level, we get to the level of a real Master. What is the difference between a Master and an ordinary person? The thing is, that Master understands the essence of work with the energy on the True-Self level. This is the key moment, which makes him the Master. On the third level, one becomes the Master, he is working on the true-self level as well as actively working with Reiki Egregore through a two-way connection. Further, one goes to a horizontal plank from fourth to the seventh level, and gets the ability to transform Reiki energy in his chakras. This is the highest mastery. What is the idea of that transformation?

While getting the same water from the same flow, we can put it through our 7 vortexes, 7 chakras. Water gets certain kinetic energy and qualities. This is still the same water by chemical composition, but its energy qualities become different. Then, if we mix 7 different subtypes of Reiki energy (I would like to stress out, it is still the same energy. We cannot change Reiki energy, we can only slightly transform it in our chakras) we are getting additional abilities for healing and self-development. This is what the Path of Master is about.

On the highest levels of Reiki, one becomes the Grandmaster and learns to combine astral energy Fam Rei with another kind of astral energy Ta Rei. This is thinner turbulent astral energy, which we study in detail in the Priestly Tibetan Practices course. By combining those two types of energy, a Master turns into a Grandmaster and can get outstanding results in healing some serious illnesses, which are treated as incurable by the traditional healthcare system. At the same time, I am stressing out once again, that we cannot be confident 100 percent, that we can cure someone completely, as this is nonsense and insanity. No one can give a guarantee of that kind, regardless of how good he is as a healer. This is how Mikao Usui explained his system. This is what was taught and studied.


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