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Places of Power

"What are Places of Power, anyway?

Those are the places where the Earth's electromagnetic energy comes out in the purest perfect form. They may be compared to the purest springs spouting from the entrails of the Earth. I am living close to a place of that kind, and it is called Asgala. It is the strongest place on our planet nowadays.

The second place by importance, in my opinion, would be Shambhala. It is located in northern Nepal, and many legends about Shambhala caves exist.

The next place is Yucatala. You should have already guessed its location by the fact that it is on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

The last place of power is Ramala, which is on the southern border of Egypt.

These four most unique places of power cannot be compared to anything else, indeed, because when you do your meditation practices and various energy procedures in there, whatever you do in the place of power, you will get much better results than anywhere else. You constantly feel the spirit's uplift and union with this world.

The opposite of such places of power is geopathic zones, areas where electromagnetic energy accumulates and creates static electricity, which destroys the cells of our physical body.

What are these geopathic zones, anyway? Instead of pure springs, we have just talked about imagining rotten, stale water in here. It is like a swamp, where there is a lot of congestion and a putrid smell, and all of this is destructive to human health. There are natural and artificial geopathic zones. Unfortunately, nowadays, most of them are artificial, created by the man himself. A man builds high-voltage transmission lines and pollutes the environment. In fact, static electricity springs up in many places, and nothing alive likes to be there. Animals avoid such places. However, the man tries to live there. As for the natural geopathic zones, I think you have seen them as well. Grass and trees do not grow in places like this. They are completely frozen. All living things have left those zones because no one wants to grow old and die before their due time.

It is interesting that people consciously live in such geopathic zones, believing that it is quite normal and then wonder where they get different diseases and indispositions.

Technologies bring huge benefits to us, but they also create such static electricity that kills us. Everything should be done using common sense to choose the place to live wisely. I will tell you one funny story: how, in ancient times, people defined whether to build a house in a certain place or not and whether that place was a geopathic zone. They hung fresh raw meat in the chosen place, not necessarily in the sun, because it did not matter. If, after 24 hours, the meat exuded a putrid smell, people left that place and never tried to build there ever again. Temples were usually built in places of power, which were carefully selected. In such places, the meat didn’t emit an unpleasant smell for several days, and nothing happened to it.

That was a story about electromagnetic energy and what we are dealing with when interacting with it. I will add just one fact. When we are working with our diaphragmatic centre in meditation practices, we accumulate electromagnetic energy there. We use the power of electromagnetic energy in our energy practices to enhance our power and intentions."

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