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What is meditation?- by Sathya Eo' Than, the founder of the Tibetan Academy and Tradition Keeper

"Meditation allows you to achieve harmony in your inner world and allows you to tune in to a certain wave. There are two practical meditations: pranic breathing and the ability to develop an astral vision.

True meditation is connected with silence. In our ancient culture, meditation means a state in which a person creates an inner silence in the whole body. In this silence, there are no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, and, most importantly, there are no judgments and no criticism.

In this state, a person is able to hear intuitive revelations from his or hers inner Self. And this is how he achieves enlightenment.

True enlightenment is the ability to illuminate yourself with your inner light that comes from within.

Meditation not only allows you to connect with your true self, but it also harmonizes the state of your entire physical body.

So the basic rules of deep meditation are:

  • complete relaxation of the muscles;

  • the calming of all the natural energies in your body,

  • you create inside a feeling of silence and emptiness;

  • and all that time you have no judgment or criticism.

How often do you need to meditate?

Meditation is something that cannot be done on a schedule, the desire to meditate must come from within. That is the moment when you feel the need to do meditation, do it then. "


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