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Reiki Fam Rei IV-V


Transformation of energy in the chakras. Chakra bridges and chakra cloning. During the course, you will learn the following: - The principles of Fourth Degree Reiki Fam Rei - The secret symbol and its use. Chakra bridge between 1st and 4th chakra. - Healing practices for Muladhara (sexual problems, urinary system) - Healing practices for Anahata (diseases of the heart and lungs). - The principles of Fifth-Degree Reiki Fam Rei; the secret symbol of the Fifth Degree and Chakra Bridge between 2nd and 5h chakra. - Healing practices for Svadhisthana: diseases of the biliary tract, liver and colon, intestines - Healing Practices for Vishudha: throat diseases, stuttering - Public speaking practice - Initiation ​ The learning process is 1-0-1 based. The students will have a chance to practice and go through a Q&A with the teacher.

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Learning Session

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