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Reiki Fam Rei VI- VII


Transformation of energy in the chakras. Chakra bridges and chakra cloning. During the course, you will learn the following: - The principles of Sixth Degree Reiki Fam Rei - The secret symbol TAL DON and its use. Chakra bridge between 3rd and 6th chakra. - Manipura healing techniques: stomach and pancreas - Manipura healing techniques: diaphragm. - Manipura healing techniques: energy metabolism, weight control and sleep - Ajna healing techniques: dysfunctions of consciousness and behaviour, depression - GISA FAM symbol. Great Chakra Bridge - Sahasrara healing techniques: nervous system - Sahasrara healing techniques: restoration of motor activity - Sahasrara healing techniques: restoration of sensitivity - Chakra Cloning. Help in the most difficult situations. - Initiation The learning process is 1-0-1 based. The students will have a chance to practice and go through a Q&A with the teacher.

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Learning Session

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